The future of Shopping Rewards

Revolutionizing Shopping Rewards with Crypto and Compassion


At Victory Impact, we envision a future where the power of digital currencies converges with philanthropy, creating a global rewards marketplace that not only empowers users with exceptional savings on everyday products and travel experiences but also sparks positive change by supporting charitable causes with each purchase, fostering a world united by innovation, compassion, and shared prosperity. Watch our project AMA below!

Victory Impact

Future Safe

Initial token liquidity will be locked for one year, your investment will help to grow the ecosystem and all the approved charities involved.

Investor Incentives

Each investment into Victory Impact benefits its coin holders as well as participating charities with our Victory Tax Structure

Anti Whale

Pre-sale token purchases are quantity limited to enforce anti-whale measures.​


At inception, presale will be converted directly into the token’s liquidity through the selected decentralized exchange (DEX) to support token tradability

Compliance First

We have engaged a leading crypto-focused legal team with extensive regulatory expertise for SEC counsel.


3% Token Development and Marketing

1% Victory Marketplace Operations

1% Charity Impact

Token Contract and Uniswap Pair Addresses Coming Soon






In Work


  • Finish token development
  • Independent token audit
  • Launch token
  • Release whitepaper
  • Launch VIT-Travel
  • Increase Media appearances to include: FinTech.TV partnership


Q4 2023

Phase 3

  • Launch Vit-Mart, and Vit-Give
  • Announce future potential utilities ​to include: VIT-Insurance
  • Showcase charity impact
  • Additional exchange listings
  • Increase charity partnerships
  • National marketing campaign

future of Philanthropy

Victory Impact’s ultimate goal is to transform the way we give to charity. 1% of every token purchase and sale is automatically channeled to charities supporting our most vulnerable populations, such as children and veterans. This isn’t just charity, it’s a movement.

Through blockchain technology, we’re creating a future where every economic transaction can create a positive impact on the world. Soon, the Victory Give Platform will allow users to direct additional contributions to any of VIC’s vetted charities, giving individuals the power to make a difference in their own way. Join us in building a better world.

Helping you Stay informed

Welcome to Victory Impact CryptoCast, the official podcast for the Victory Impact project. Join us on this exciting journey as we delve deep into the world of cryptocurrency and the potential of Victory Impact’s innovative platform. Enjoy discussions about the Victory Impact project, the crypto ecosystem, and the ever-evolving landscape of commerce.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Victory Impact donate to charity?

With every token purchase and sale, 1% is automatically directed towards charities supporting the most vulnerable members of our society, including children and veterans. By leveraging the power of blockchain technology, we are creating a world where people can make a difference simply by participating in the economy. Read our Litepaper for more info!

What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency that uses cryptography for security and operates independently of a central authority, such as a government or bank. Read our Beginners guide to Crypto here!

What is Victory Impact Built on?

$Victory Impact is an ERC-20 governance and utility token that provides holders with the opportunity to drive charity donation direction in addition to unlocking exclusive access to the Victory ecosystem.

Where can I purchase Victory Impact

Victory Impact is currently under development. It will be available for purchase in Q2 2023.

What is the Victory Marketplace

Victory Marketplace is where our members will have access to huge savings on every day purchases and travel. Members will enjoy up to 50% off travel and up to 40% off on millions of  different products, with more added daily. Consumers can easily book travel or order products shipped directly to their door. There is no need to go to multiple stores to compare savings, or sift through online coupons like other cash-back shopping platforms. Read our Litepaper for more info!